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What is a swinger party?

A swinger party is an event where attendees are mainly couples looking to swap partners. Swingers are more likely to practice safe sex and wear protection than non-swingers. They usually […]

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Swingers Life

You know what they say about people in glass houses, right? It’s easy to throw stones but hard to live in the shadows. In this seemingly innocent age of swingers […]

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Signs your neighbor might be a Swinger

Many people living in apartments, condos, or other shared residences may be curious about their neighbors. It’s natural; living in close quarters to someone day after day leads to some […]

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How Swinging Can Save Your Marriage

There are many reasons that a marriage can fall apart. It may be because one spouse cheated, or maybe the couple grew apart over time. In many cases, couples assume […]

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How Swinging Can Be Beneficial For You and Your Partner

When I first heard the word “Swinger,” I automatically thought of a bunch of people having a giant orgy. It was an automatic assumption because my eyes never ventured beyond […]

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