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  • Rockville, MD, USA
  • Full Swap, Soft Swap, BDSM / Kink

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5' 10" / 178



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First things first: fully vaccinated and boosted (Moderna).
Hedonist-exhibitionist-bodybuilder with a high pressure day job, enjoying all life has to offer behind closed doors – and in public places – nights and weekends.
My idea of an ideal place to me: naked on a beach with a cool drink, listening to good music and among friends.
Addicted to eating pussy, and in any way and for as long as it may take until the woman I am with has an incredibly intense orgasm. At play parties (in fact, anywhere, anytime) if any woman is interested in helping satisfy my cravings about this, let me know. Either wherever we meet in person or by PM on Fet.
Will spank any woman who asks (I prefer using my bare hands) and as hard as a woman wants. All you need to do is ask.
I enjoy playing in public (parties, dungeons, at the beach…).
Interested in making new friends and deepening relationships with current ones.

My (Our) Interests

Exhibitionism, threesomes, foursomes, giving and receiving oral, ass play, giving and receiving pain (when asked and only when asked). Any and all positions, when it comes to sex. My goal is pleasing women above anything else.

Super interested in public play and addicted to giving women oral pleasure.  Prefer to be naked outdoors than most everything.

Vanilla interests include lifting weights – working out at much as possible – running, swimming, movies, attending plays, writing, bar-b-ques with friends…


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