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Hi everyone! After a good while on other various sites to meet people with some decent enough luck, we found this place and it seemed like fun, so here we are! We’re a both-bi ENM couple, WM43/WF40, 5’11/190 for him 5’4 and a very fit ~120 for her. It’s been some time since we dipped our toes back into the play pool, and for the moment we’re just stretching our legs in preparation for jumping back into the fray (yay!), but we’re SO glad to be able to start catching up with people now that the world is returning (more or less) to normal. We’re fully vaccinated & boosted and only play safe, and would ask the same of anyone we’d play with.

We’re primarily full swap, have been since that lovely first foray, and we’ve had a number of other fabulous experiences since. One on one playdates with just one other couple have been great, and the larger play parties we’ve been able to attend have been REALLY great. (Hence being pretty jazzed about finding this place!) So now we’re just looking to meet other fun, interesting and intelligent people generally for vanilla fun first (almost always a meet-and-greet drink before planning any play dates; chemistry is super important!), then more if we all hit it off.

We wouldn’t describe ourselves as super hardcore “lifestyle” types; this isn’t who we are so much as a thing we do, very occasionally, just for fun. We love our sex life together and playing with other lively and interesting people once in a while is a neat and exciting addition to that.

About us individually: She’s smart and sassy, equally fluent in French and sarcasm, a proud math geek and a once-upon-a-time-ago former AV techie. She’s always as up for a puzzle or tabletop game as a pickup volleyball game. She’s generous in and out of the bedroom, and incredibly passionate. Heavy expectations or pushy behavior are big turnoffs. He’s lively and talkative, well read and big movie guy. He likes oddities and curiosity, a good tall tale and a cold drink, and can be downright silly at times. We’re both sports fans, and non-smokers. He doesn’t have a tattoo . . . yet.

Otherwise, we’re all about geeky board game nights, long walks around town, traveling whenever possible, and maintaining a very careful balance of Mrs owning the stove (she’s quite clever with a spatula! But he’s a lousy cook), and Mr very gratefully doing the cleaning (dishwasher organization is an under appreciated art form, he swears).

We’re playful together in and out of the bedroom, and love making each other laugh as much as much as moan, and we can’t wait to share some of those laughs and moans with some of YOU fabulous people! So swing by, say hi!


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