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  • Springfield, Virginia, USA
  • Full Swap, BDSM / Kink

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HER: Very playful hot post-op (she has a vagina) transgender Latina. I have long black hair, soft skin, brown skin, and big dick sucking lips. I love to wear heels and stockings probably my first kink.
HIM: A fat, old, small dick and pasty white guy….but how the fuck he gets so much ass? Look at the pictures above is a good clue.

HER: Mostly a submissive but occasionally dominant especially with other women. I’m transgender but very playful. I expect to be treated as a lady at all times except for when I’m treated like a slut!
HIM: Loud….I’m from NYC! To fuck like monkeys as much as we can. Duh!

HER: I really enjoy being with couples and probably my favorite fetishes include slave play, knives, impact, waterboarding, pony play, bondage, spanking, hair pulling, choking, group play, gangbangs and all out orgies. I’m pretty open to different things. If you want to know more just ask? I love art, goth/punk music, magic the gathering, futbol, roller derby and partying.

HIM: Being with her.. Also doing the slave play, knives, impact, waterboarding, pony play, bondage, spanking, hair pulling, choking group play, gangbangs and all out orgies….and that nerdy stuff too.

LIMITS: Limits? We ain’t got no limits. We don’t need no limits! We don’t have any stinkin’ limits….okay no Tijuana Donkey Shows.

We like people who write us endless emails back and forth with no hope of play. Making dates and breaking them without even a phone call or email….we love that. Guys, aka DSGs, writing to us with one liners like “Wanna fuck?” Dick pictures, all we want to see are dick pics! Especially the false penis picture guys take from the internet. Fake couples, who are really single guys taking the female picture off the internet or their wives do not even know that their naked pictures are on a perverted swinger’s site. Pictures from 1987….yeah we don’t want see you in a picture past year 2000. Rude and pushy people turns us on! Not reading the profile, who has time for that? Trying to see her behind his back and behind your spouse’s back….we think that’s just awesome!


We like sluts and BDSM. We go to many of the fetishes clubs and Dark Odyssey functions. You into that, then we might have a connection. The spanking, followed by the oral sex.

RESPECT. We know we are different than the average couple here and not your “cup of tea” or “shot of tequila” especially because of Phineas, but we are all perverts here and like the same respect we show to you, shown to us.

My/Our Fantasies & Desires

Sex….. and more sex.


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