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We are both modest enough that writing about ourselves is not our favorite thing to do. We started reading other people’s bio information and found two categories. One type seems to say the same thing..””adventurous, fun loving, like minded” blah blah blah. Then, every once in awhile we would find one that said something that actual helped get a sense of who the people were, for real.Here is who we are. For real. We have been married forever. We don’t consider the lifestyle a major thing in our lives, mostly because we have three kids, full time jobs, and we go to bed really early !! We workout before the sun comes up which means we turn into Cinderella long before midnight. When it’s time to party, on the weekend, we go hard though!We like to be together when we play. The whole point of this is to add to us, not divert from us. We have gone through a whole range of “this is how we do this” and spent a long time avoiding getting to know people. Our newest form of the lifestyle has focused around making friends, whether or not we play. We enjoyed a summer of hanging around with lifestyle friends and would love to have friends that can just walk in the house without knocking. And then, play somewhere else because…you remember we have three kids, right???

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