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10 Myths: Swinging and Swingers Lifestyle

We are debunking 10 Swinging Myths that you may never have heard of or thought were true at SwingSocial.co.

Myth 1: All Swingers are Ugly and Overweight.

Truth: Swingers come in all shapes and sizes, we know some younger, really good looking swinger couples and older, really good looking swinger couples who spend a lot of times on their bodies.There are also some younger and older couples who just enjoy themselves and aren’t hung up on working out to impress others.

Myth 2: All Swingers like to get Kinky.

Truth: While one of the good points of swinging in my opinion is that you can push your boundaries and try things that you might not if it was just you and your partner, it isn’t about kinky sex. There are some more experienced ‘hard core’ swingers out there that like a bit of BDSM and more fetish style play. However they identify this on their profiles and tend to hang around the more hardcore sites anyway so easy to avoid.

Every couple’s play style is different and that means that you will get a mix of sexual appetites/needs and desires.

Myth 3: Swinging = Cheating.

Truth: Swinging is not cheating.

In swinging both halves of the couple know everything that is going on.
Everything is with the consent of both parties, even if both partners aren’t present.

Cheating is where one partner is doing something without the knowledge and consent of their partner.

Myth 4: Swinging = Cheating.

Truth: Swinging is not cheating.

Myth 5: Swingers Have Terrible Marriages.

Truth: You need a pretty solid marriage to be able to swing.

Most of the couples we know have great marriages, love each other and just use swinging as a bit of adult fun inside the marriage.

They tend to be couples that have the best communication skills with each other and the most trust in each other.

It is hard to tell if their communication skills with each other are good because of swinging, or they have fun swinging because their communication skills with each other are good.

They also tend to be very supportive of each other in all aspects of their lives.

Myth 6: All Swingers Use Drugs and Alcohol.

Truth: We have yet to come across any swingers that partake in any drugs other than smoking and drinking, and we have met a lot of couples.

In fact if we are on a play date there tends to be less alcohol around as alcohol inhibits performances.

I have heard of one couple where the man takes some enhancers when he goes to parties but other than hearing about that one person we have never come across drug taking.

Myth 7: Swingers Make Terrible Parents.

Truth: Most of the swinger couples we know are parents and they worship their children.

They are careful to make sure their swinging life and their home life are separated and because of this it can be hard to arrange a meeting.

Meetings get cancelled or put off all the time due to children falling ill or won’t go to sleep for the babysitter.

The ladies love to talk about their children and it’s amazing how they can switch from children to a sexy topic quickly.

Some couples even have a separate phone they use to arrange their swinging activities because their children use their phones sometimes.

Myth 8: All Female Swingers are Bisexuals.

Truth: I wish this was true. I am bi-curious which means I like the odd adventure into exploring that side of myself.

However very few of the women out of all the couples we have played with have been bi and several of the women have said they would hate the thought of playing with another woman.

In fact the bi women we have played with have said how hard it is to find couples to play with where the women is even remotely bi curious.

Myth 9: Swingers force the Swinger Lifestyle on others.

Truth: There is a saying in the swinging community ‘Make friends of swingers, not swingers of friends’.

Swinging isn’t for every couple and we certainly recognise that, not every couple has the right dynamic between themselves to even discuss swinging with let alone suggest trying it.

There may be the odd exception where a swinging couple may find another couple or person so sexy and irresistible they might approach the subject but this would be rare.

Some couples may be open about their lifestyle and everyone in their circle would know.

Some of their friends may even show interest but there is such a stigma attached to swinging that most couples don’t announce to their friends what they get up to, let alone try and convert them.

Myth 10: You can tell who is a Swinger by…

Truth: Sorry but there is no way you can identify a swinger unless you walk into a swinging party or a swinging club.

I don’t behave any differently towards people now to before I became a swinger, and you would not think that any of the couples that we have met are swingers.

We don’t wear any special identifying trinkets or jump on people for sex in public places.

So there you have it, the top 10 swinging myths busted. Have you heard of any Swinging Myths we have missed – let us know? Curious about the Swinger Lifestyle and want to experience SwingSocial.co for yourself? Create your FREE Account today and upgrade to a VIP Membership for just $9.99 (limited time offer!).


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