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Health Risks Of Swinging

Swinging is fun, sexy and a little bit naughty. But their are also health risks of swinging that you should know about and these include your physical and mental health. We do not want to scare anyone off swinging with this blog but whenever you meet any stranger for sex, there are always some things to be cautious of, such as your health and mental wellness. Swinging isn’t just a free and single person looking for a one night stand. It’s a happily married couple who are inviting someone else into their sex life. So we are going to share with you the health risks of swinging so you can make up your mind whether or not the Swinging Lifestyle is for you. Health Risks We all know that hooking up is risky to begin with. Each time we hookup with a stranger we met online, we’re putting our sexual health at risk. Yes, we could protect ourselves by purchasing protection beforehand. But when we’re aroused, how likely are we to use it? Condoms break and when two people are hot and horny, they may just throw caution to the wind and go full steam ahead (and there is no shame in that!). With swinging, the same risks to your health exist – but they also exist for your partner, too. All of  a sudden, there are more responsibilities. Health risks include Herpes, crabs and even HIV. That said, while some would want you to think that the health risks are higher when swinging; this isn’t necessarily true. Yes, each couple you meet at a sex party has probably had sex with other couples in the past and they’ve probably hooked up numerous times. But swinging isn’t some debauched sex orgy where no one takes precautions. It’s also not illicit, casual sex down an alleyway. Everyone involved is usually very careful with their sexual health. They want to have fun, and they don’t want to get infected. So, generally you can trust swingers. But you must always protect yourself because sexual health is a serious subject. Once you get sick yourself, your life as a swinger is over. A common health concern that tends to be raised is that of Herpes, and we want to share more on this with you below. Herpes and Swinging Swinging and herpes don’t go hand-in-hand. But whenever you have sex with strangers, there’s always the risk that you may contract an STI. The thing with herpes that scares everyone is that, once you’ve got the virus, you cannot get rid of it. It’s there for life. As such, most people will do anything they can to avoid getting it. There are two types of Herpes: HSV1 HSV2 HSV1 is the most visible and apparent. It forms cold sores on your lips. Therefore, whenever you know that someone has regular cold sores, there’s a chance they have herpes. Naturally, cold sores can arise due to other viruses, so you mustn’t jump to conclusions. HSV2, on the other hand, manifests itself in the form of itchy genital bumps. However, HSV1 can also form below the waist, too, which can make self-diagnosis difficult. Herpes is super contagious in both its forms. It spreads really easily, and you can catch it just by touching someone else. You can also catch it by sharing their drink, their utensils and – of course – by kissing them or engaging in other sexual activities with them. You don’t need to be going through a herpes outbreak to spread it, but it’s more potent during an outbreak. In fact, there’s every chance that someone who has herpes but who isn’t currently suffering from an active outbreak could kiss you and not pass the disease onto you. Herpes may be a confidence killer, but it is not life threatening. Herpes is widespread, with 60% of middle-aged adults having some form of the virus. This means that more than one out of two people have it. Worse still, not everyone who has herpes is diagnosed. Why? Because when someone tests for herpes, they need to be suffering from an active outbreak to return a positive result. Of course, anyone who goes to a swingers party should be mature enough to do all they can to protect others if they have the herpes virus. Therefore, you would hope that your chances of meeting someone with herpes at a swingers party are minimal. If you think you’ve got herpes, go and talk to your doctor. They can recommend you treatments to help keep outbreaks in check, and they can also suggest medications that will lower the risk of you passing the virus onto others. If you have herpes and an outbreak occurs, don’t go to a swingers party. Not only will you probably spread it, but you’ll also develop an unwanted reputation for turning up with an STI. At SwingSocial.co we take health seriously and as such we encourage all our members to undergo regular health checks to ensure the safety of themselves and our swinging community. Members who turn up to parties and are taking a risk with their health and putting other members at risk will be asked to leave and will be banned from SwingSocial. That is how serious we are about our members health and safety! Emotional Risks. If your relationship has been filled with stress and tension recently, swinging is not a good idea. Some couples think that swinging can spice up their sex life and put some fun back into their flagging relationship. This rarely – if ever – works out. If your relationship is currently suffering from some turbulence, we highly recommend you seek counseling. It could be the straw that breaks the camel’s back. Communication is key in any relationship. If the two of you have spoken at length about swinging, and have actively listened to each other and understand where you’re both coming from, swinging could work. On the other hand, if communication has always been an issue, we strongly advise

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How To Introduce Your Partner To Swinging

Whether you’re exploring the swinger lifestyle for the first time or have enjoyed shared passions in the past, introducing your current or new partner to swinging is both a complex and delicate experience, so how do you introduce your partner to swinging ? In a world where we are socialized to believe that monogamy is the “norm” (how boring! right?), sometimes both we and our partners must disconnect from this unnecessary programming in order to get in touch with our true sexual selves. The only real, healthy, active swinging relationship that can exist is one with mutual consent, so it\’s key to get the discussion started in a respectful way that acknowledges your partner\’s needs, insecurities and boundaries. How To Get Your Partner To Swing. There will be times when a partner may hesitate to experiment with the swinging lifestyle or an open-relationship, one of the most common reasons we have seen pop up in the Swinger Community is the sense that they are somehow \”not enough\” for their partner or the relationship. A partner can e feeling that they are being replaced, however as Swingers we all know that is far from the truth! Swinging is about celebrating differences, not condemning perceived shortcomings. It\’s not a way to fix relationship dissatisfaction – if you\’re experiencing this, we encourage you to work things out at home first. Swinging experiences are far more positive and pleasurable when they are sought as an enhancement rather than a solution. Choosing to swing can be seen as a testament to a couple’s strength as a unit. You may remind your partner of the invigorated feelings of confidence and pleasure that can come with meeting new people, reminding them that it is a positive and uplifting part of the human experience that you\’d like for you both to have without in any way diminishing your bond. Always keep in mind: Your partner is a beautiful person, and you are as willing to share them as you are to share yourself. Freedom Of Expression. For partners who are very new to the idea of swinging, the social view of monogamy as normalcy is something that must be overcome and so the idea of introduce your partner to swinging can be challenging for some. The idea that sex only exists to express a singular love between two partners no longer serves us practically in the way that it did before the evolution of basic gender equality and safe sex. A relationship does not have to be closed in order for it to be meaningful, life-long and the source of great personal fulfillment. Additionally, either partner’s desire to express their sexual self outside of monogamy does not make an existing relationship less special – you may in fact be so closely bonded to your partner that they have become a fundamental part of your life, making you feel all the more secure in your desire for personal exploration. Know and Understand Boundaries. All relationships thrive on communication. Boundaries are healthy, normal, expected and needed in any swinging relationship – otherwise, there would be no sense in calling it a relationship. Openness and honesty are required to reach a conclusion that everyone feels good about, and these conversations can get emotional. Remember, both you and your partner may still be unlearning toxic ideas about sexual openness. A true expression of needs, feelings and even difficult truths from both you and your partner is paramount and absolutely necessary in order to achieve productive communication and progress toward an arrangement that feels comfortable for everyone involved. At SwingSocial.co we also believe it is important that you be willing to respect your partners boundaries, even if they’re more stringent than your own. In fact, being willing to lead by example and offering a level of openness your partner may not be ready to extend is a gesture of good faith, rather than trying to match with “if I can’t, you can’t” statements. Many times, experiences feel more comfortable and acceptable after their reality is perceived. So, now you know a little more about how to introduce your partner to swinging. Curious about the Swinger Lifestyle and want to experience SwingSocial.co for yourself? Create your FREE Account today and upgrade for a 7 Day Free Trial and experience all the features and benefits of a paid account right now ( cancel anytime ).  

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Emotional Risks Of Swinging

If your marriage has been monogamous, and you’re thinking about some kind of non-monogamy, at that point you’re considering about a change and there are Emotional Risks Of Swinging. Is it possible to start swinging without risks? No, it’s definitely not. You can’t have change without risk. New circumstances, new boosts, new excitements, new sentiments, new wants, and desires. You’ll know and experience new things about each other. You’ll form into new individuals. Will those individuals coexist with one another? Will they stay married to one another? We encourage you to strongly consider the following points below to navigate the emotional risks of swinging. 1. Getting Envious. Imagine a scenario where one of you gets envious. Knowing what you think about yourselves and one another, what do you hope to happen? Have you at any point managed envy previously? Shouldn’t something be said about anger, sadness, and pain? When you’re restless and upset about one another, how would you carry on? Would you be able to talk it through calmly and constructively, or do wine glasses begin hitting the walls? Probably the most testing part of the swinging lifestyle or any other sexual practice that incorporates multiple partners is envy, the related guilt and the compromised trust that can arise in these relationships. Numerous individuals venture into this relationship not completely valuing the dimension of communication abilities and the dedication required to hold the unpredictable aftereffects of mixed pair bonding in the swingers lifestyle. 2. Feeling Neglected. Is one of you enjoying the experience but the other is not? At that point, you’ll need to talk it through and choose how to continue. For the most part, when somebody isn’t into a specific kind of sex, it’s viewed as polite to abstain from pushing and pestering them. The person who needs to keep going might feel disappointed. How would you both deal with disappointment? 3. Falling For The ‘Other’ Person. Are you falling for the other person? At that point, you’ll choose whether or not to seek after polyamory. A few words of wisdom: Discuss this probability before you take somebody to bed. On the off chance that I had a nickel for each swinger who got affections for a sex partner, I’d purchase an incredible huge extravagant bed for a threesome. Try not to believe you’re by one way or another mystically invulnerable to this. Also, don’t simply blithely consent to dump a third who has enlivened passionate attachment. That would be profoundly excruciating for at least two individuals. Take some time to consider how well you could deal with it if your mate expected that you should stop seeing sometime you were crazy about. Consider what that torment may do to your marriage. Think, and talk. Also primary couples should always remember that swinging partners could never compensate for a beloved partner who has been respectful, trustworthy, and truthful in the bumpy roads of this lifestyle. 4. Keeping Your Swinging Lifestyle A Secret. This is a major fear of numerous potential swingers. We will speak later about approaches to shield yourself from having your ordinary vanilla world and swinging lifestyle from collision. Individuals have been ousted as swingers before, and shockingly more will be ousted later on. Your private life ought to be your own, wherein to do anything you desire, however, there are pessimistic individuals on the planet who love to gossip and pass judgment on others. You should be cautious about entering the swinging lifestyle. You may consider that your friends and companions will acknowledge yet you can’t foresee who will or won’t get it. ​ In the event that you are sufficiently fortunate to have strong companions, in spite of that you have to worry and consider about family, colleagues, businesses, neighbors, your children’s friends and their folks, and many more. Neighbors that were friendly may begin to worry that you are subtly attempting to lure and lay down with them. We know swingers are exacting about who they lay down with, however they don’t. A few people may begin considering you to be a sex-obsessed crazy couple. 5. Disagreements.​ This is a major emotional risks of swinging point we need you to keep in mind, understand and work on during your relationship. While wandering into the swinging lifestyle, it is imperative that the two individuals inside the couple need to swing. ​ At SwingSocial.co we have seen and experienced firsthand, where one partner needs to swing, and the other partner will consent to this just to keep their partner “cheerful,” or the consent to swing is uneven. The partners both consent to swing, yet the principles they set up will be out of balance due to one partner’s fright. Rather than improving the relationship, the swinging winds up making feelings of hatred between the couple. Keep in mind honest communication must be at the core of any (regardless of whether you swing or not) fruitful relationship. 6. Relationship and Partner Fears. We can be in a panic state of a wide scope of conceivable outcomes, from fear of our partners leaving us for another person to the fear of giving or accepting too much consideration with a play partner to the fear of continually comparing ourselves with others. Whenever left unchecked, our feelings of fear and anxiety can develop into a whole array of feelings, including nervousness, hatred, and envy. Above all, it’s important to remember our fears can be a pro or a con, depending upon what you do with the feeling once it surfaces. On the off chance that we take our emotions and respond or fight against them, at that point they become an adversary, something to secure ourselves against. If you can converse with your partner honestly about your emotions and figure out how to talk yourself through them, at that point your feelings of fear become a partner to learning. So, now you know a little more about the Emotional Risks of Swinging. Curious about the Swinger Lifestyle

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How To Find Other Swingers

More and more couples are becoming open-minded about sexuality and the idea of exploration with other couples is becoming more common. But how to find other swingers that is a common question we hear couples asking. You can still find new sexual experience in any country around the globe in the Swingers Lifestyle and at SwingSocial.co as an online platform, we have been connecting swinging couples and swingles around the world and the United States of America to explore their sexual fantasies as well as form exciting new friendships with fellow swingers. Why Travel As A Couple? When you travel as a couple it will not only bring you closer together but it will help you better understand each others strengths and weaknesses, so when you immerse yourself in the Swinging Lifestyle you will be ready for new challenges, experiences and pleasures. At SwingSocial.co we understand the importance of patience and flexibility and these are crucial elements to keep in mind when you are traveling as a couple since you may want different things out of your holiday. You both will have to make compromises on what you want to do, eat, visit and whom you want to do and meet during your vacation. How To Find Other Swingers When Abroad? There are only few couples who are interested in group sex and it will vary as you travel between different countries and experience different cultures. Fortunately, most countries still have swingers, whether it is underground or out in the open! We recommend to swingers cruises by our friends at World Exotic Travel and Amour Getaways to name just a couple worth checking out! For more ideas on where to travel go here: https://swingsocial.co/MainStaging///////cruises Dating Websites and Applications. There are specialized dating websites for swingers, although not all should be considered trustworthy. We at SwingSocial.co are respected as one of the most trusted and popular swinging lifestyle communities in the United States of America and we plan cruise and hotel takeovers seasonally. General dating sites and mobile apps are also applicable if you approach it the right way. Even with applications that don\’t necessarily cover couples, each one of you may go rogue looking to lure in some singles if you have this dynamic with your relationship. A couple other popular platforms you may be interested in are: Badoo is a growing international dating app that\’s available in both web browsers and just about any mobile phone. While there isn\’t a filter for swinging couples, users are free to upload photos and write a thorough profile to make their intentions clear. If you\’re going to Latin America or Southeast Asia, this app is a must-have. Fetlife is another consideration as you may find lots of sexually flexible individuals and couples. While the site is BDSM centric, many applicable fetishes are in the mix including cuckoldry and partner swapping. Creating a profile is much like any other social media site and you can be as thorough or scant with your profile as you see fit. There are active groups in nearly every corner of the world, making it suitable for finding hookups on-the-go. How To Find Other Swingers at Bars and Night Clubs. Crawling bars or night clubs is the obvious choice for young single folks to get laid, but it\’s still a ripe playing field for married couples and often a place where people go when they think how to find other swingers. With drinks, dancing, and overwhelming music, it\’s the perfect place to convince young men and women to try something new. ​ You have to realize that not everyone goes to the bar to get laid, so patience is key and you need to respect everyone\’s personal space initially. Be conscious of who is making eye contact with you or your partner. Even in a random bar, you may encounter couples coming in for drinks. Since not all of them are blatant swingers, you will have to greet them, give them cheesy compliments and see how they react with their body language. It is important to keep in mind that these places are places of sexual networks rather than orgy clubs, so don\’t enter with vulgarities. People are not there to be objectified and you should look for people you get along with over those with the hottest bodies. Bars and Night Clubs. Crawling bars or night clubs is the obvious choice for young single folks to get laid, but it\’s still a ripe playing field for married couples. With drinks, dancing, and overwhelming music, it\’s the perfect place to convince young men and women to try something new. ​ You have to realize that not everyone goes to the bar to get laid, so patience is key and you need to respect everyone\’s personal space initially. Be conscious of who is making eye contact with you or your partner. Even in a random bar, you may encounter couples coming in for drinks.  Since not all of them are blatant swingers, you will have to greet them, give them cheesy compliments and see how they react with their body language. It is important to keep in mind that these places are places of sexual networks rather than orgy clubs, so don\’t enter with vulgarities. People are not there to be objectified and you should look for people you get along with over those with the hottest bodies. Swinging In Different Cultures. Cultures have different views of sex around in the world, including swinging. Pretty much all western countries, including Latin America, are OK with swinging legally, albeit with some moral reservations. Luckily, most of the world is following the lead with the liberation of marital laws. Unfortunately, still a handful of countries that consider swinging adultery and a crime. Predominantly in Muslim countries, imprisonment or even the death penalty is on the books. Having said that, Dubai and other locations with foreign influence, swinger parties are still a thing but kept underground for obvious reasons. While the

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Body Image and Swinging Lifestyle

Even in the swinging community and lifestyle, there are external influences (as well as internal) that can affect men and women comfort level with their body image and the swinging lifestyle. At SwingSocial.co. we want to help our members and the community be more body positive and comfortable with their body image. Feeling Positive about your Body Image One of the perks of becoming a member of SwingSocial.co and attending our events. Here are a few of the aspects that will have a positive impact on you: Positive reactions:  This is where you will experience people not just your spouse/partner, will make you feel, or even tell you that you are desirable and beautiful in their eyes. Meeting other swingers:  At our play parties and events you will have the opportunity to meet couples that are different cultures, backgrounds and with different interests. Swingers come in all shapes and sizes, so stop worrying about how you measure up, relax and enjoy yourself. Positive profile feedback:  When you put your photos onto your SwingSocial.co profile and they get liked or commented on it can’t help but boost your moral and give you a positive feeling about yourself and you will be sure to attract more sex positive couples just like yourself as you continue to update your profile with information and photographs. What Will Cause A Negative Body Image. Here are a few of the aspects that we have a negative impact on you: Media:  Obvious one, married couple both partners happy to swing together. Profile text: We have found that some couples state on their profile that they only want to play with people that look after themselves. I have even read one profile stating the reason for this as because they ‘feel we look after ourselves so why would we play with couples who don’t’. Put as bluntly as that these people are going to lose on meeting a lot of lovely couples who do look after themselves but don’t want to take the chance on rejection. As the Wikipedia definition says body image can be forced onto people by outside influences such as media, however overall, swinging should have a positive affect on a your self-confidence and outlook on sex positivity. The constant positive reinforcement from comments on profile pics and from play mates will definitely give confidence a boost for men and women. At SwingSocial we know that being desired is a great confidence builder. Also in the Swinging Lifestyle it is important to keep in mind that personality is much more important than looks, you can have a 10 out of 10 body, but if you come off as arrogant and/or boring you won’t get to play with many couples. It is very rare that both parties of one couple find both parties of the other couple physically irresistible, that is just human nature and normal. If you are a little overweight and worried, get comfortable with yourself, and know that you bring your own unique bit of magic into the bedroom. So that is our take on Body Positivity, Body Image and how they come into play in the Swinging Lifestyle. Curious about the Swinger Lifestyle and want to experience SwingSocial.co for yourself? Create your FREE Account today and upgrade to a VIP Membership for just $9.99 (limited time offer!).  

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Married Couples and Swinging Ethics

We practice ethical non-monogamy and we thought it would be interesting to write an article about the subject and what we mean by ethical non-monogamy for Married Couples and Swinging Ethics at SwingSocial.co. So what do we think ‘Ethical Non-Monogamy’ is? This issue is answered by asking what actually makes anything ethical. Do no harm to others.  No cheating or lying and respect each others boundaries so everything is honest, consensual and respectful. To us that is ethical non-monogamy. When is it ethical to play with someone else? At SwingSocial, it is our opinion that swinging with the following can be classed as ethical: Married couples. Obvious one, married couple both partners happy to swing together. Committed couples.  When a couple are not married but are definitely a couple and happy to swing together, maybe living together and/or have children together are the more obvious indicators here. Single males or females.  Individual not in a relationship with anyone so are free to swing Two singles swinging as a couple.  Some people do this for security others for convenience. This is two single people not in a relationship with anyone that come together to swing with people who might not swing with single men or women. Special permission.  Hard to be 100% sure over, but some couples that might be separated for a long period of time due to work or family commitments might give each other permission to swing when apart. Every couple’s play style is different and that means that you will get a mix of sexual appetites/needs and desires. When is it considered unethical? It is our opinion at SwingSocial, that swinging with the following would be unethical : Cheaters.  Anyone who’s partner doesn’t know or disagrees with that person swinging. This can be single men or women or even swinger couples where one or other is married to, or in a relationship with someone else that doesn’t know about it. Paid Escorts. We have heard of instances where a single male pays a woman to swing with him to allow him to swing with people that would only play with couples and passes off the woman as his girlfriend/swinging partner without saying that he is actually paying her to be there. Small list of when we would class it as unethical, but then as long as everyone is happy and nobody is being hurt with deception we won’t judge. Does Swinging Stop A Cheater Cheating? For some people the thrill of cheating, that they are going behind their partners back and the thought that they might get caught, is a part of why they cheat and is not present in swinging, although that has it’s own thrills. If that is the main reason they are cheating then it is the thrill and excitement they crave, after a while they will get bored again and return to cheating. For others they justify themselves with ‘my spouse doesn’t understand’ or ‘my spouse is too busy for me’. This won’t be stopped by cheating as they are only after extra sex. So that is our take on Married Couples and Swinging Ethics and why we believe it is important. Curious about the Swinger Lifestyle and want to experience SwingSocial.co for yourself? Create your FREE Account today and upgrade to a VIP Membership for just $9.99 (limited time offer!).  

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10 Myths: Swinging and Swingers Lifestyle

We are debunking 10 Swinging Myths that you may never have heard of or thought were true at SwingSocial.co. Myth 1: All Swingers are Ugly and Overweight. Truth: Swingers come in all shapes and sizes, we know some younger, really good looking swinger couples and older, really good looking swinger couples who spend a lot of times on their bodies.There are also some younger and older couples who just enjoy themselves and aren’t hung up on working out to impress others. Myth 2: All Swingers like to get Kinky. Truth: While one of the good points of swinging in my opinion is that you can push your boundaries and try things that you might not if it was just you and your partner, it isn’t about kinky sex. There are some more experienced ‘hard core’ swingers out there that like a bit of BDSM and more fetish style play. However they identify this on their profiles and tend to hang around the more hardcore sites anyway so easy to avoid. Every couple’s play style is different and that means that you will get a mix of sexual appetites/needs and desires. Myth 3: Swinging = Cheating. Truth: Swinging is not cheating. In swinging both halves of the couple know everything that is going on. Everything is with the consent of both parties, even if both partners aren’t present. Cheating is where one partner is doing something without the knowledge and consent of their partner. Myth 4: Swinging = Cheating. Truth: Swinging is not cheating. Myth 5: Swingers Have Terrible Marriages. Truth: You need a pretty solid marriage to be able to swing. Most of the couples we know have great marriages, love each other and just use swinging as a bit of adult fun inside the marriage. They tend to be couples that have the best communication skills with each other and the most trust in each other. It is hard to tell if their communication skills with each other are good because of swinging, or they have fun swinging because their communication skills with each other are good. They also tend to be very supportive of each other in all aspects of their lives. Myth 6: All Swingers Use Drugs and Alcohol. Truth: We have yet to come across any swingers that partake in any drugs other than smoking and drinking, and we have met a lot of couples. In fact if we are on a play date there tends to be less alcohol around as alcohol inhibits performances. I have heard of one couple where the man takes some enhancers when he goes to parties but other than hearing about that one person we have never come across drug taking. Myth 7: Swingers Make Terrible Parents. Truth: Most of the swinger couples we know are parents and they worship their children. They are careful to make sure their swinging life and their home life are separated and because of this it can be hard to arrange a meeting. Meetings get cancelled or put off all the time due to children falling ill or won’t go to sleep for the babysitter. The ladies love to talk about their children and it’s amazing how they can switch from children to a sexy topic quickly. Some couples even have a separate phone they use to arrange their swinging activities because their children use their phones sometimes. Myth 8: All Female Swingers are Bisexuals. Truth: I wish this was true. I am bi-curious which means I like the odd adventure into exploring that side of myself. However very few of the women out of all the couples we have played with have been bi and several of the women have said they would hate the thought of playing with another woman. In fact the bi women we have played with have said how hard it is to find couples to play with where the women is even remotely bi curious. Myth 9: Swingers force the Swinger Lifestyle on others. Truth: There is a saying in the swinging community ‘Make friends of swingers, not swingers of friends’. Swinging isn’t for every couple and we certainly recognise that, not every couple has the right dynamic between themselves to even discuss swinging with let alone suggest trying it. There may be the odd exception where a swinging couple may find another couple or person so sexy and irresistible they might approach the subject but this would be rare. Some couples may be open about their lifestyle and everyone in their circle would know. Some of their friends may even show interest but there is such a stigma attached to swinging that most couples don’t announce to their friends what they get up to, let alone try and convert them. Myth 10: You can tell who is a Swinger by… Truth: Sorry but there is no way you can identify a swinger unless you walk into a swinging party or a swinging club. I don’t behave any differently towards people now to before I became a swinger, and you would not think that any of the couples that we have met are swingers. We don’t wear any special identifying trinkets or jump on people for sex in public places. So there you have it, the top 10 swinging myths busted. Have you heard of any Swinging Myths we have missed – let us know? Curious about the Swinger Lifestyle and want to experience SwingSocial.co for yourself? Create your FREE Account today and upgrade to a VIP Membership for just $9.99 (limited time offer!).  

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Soft or Full Swap? Swinger Styles Exposed.

Today we are going to share with you swinger styles that you may never have heard of or understood properly that couples most often identify themselves with and also some of the different types of playdates that swinger couples can discover at SwingSocial.co. Swinging Styles When it comes to the swinging lifestyle many may not know that there are two distinct swinging styles that can sometimes confuse couples as every couple will have their own understanding of each style and the ones they identify with, below we share our understanding of the swinger styles that are most common, to help you decide which Swinger Styles fit you and your lover best. It is important to understand that you may not fit into either of these categories or you are a blend of more than one. It\’s okay to be unique that is what makes the Swinging Culture exciting for everyone. We would also like to point out that open communication and being honest with yourself and your lover is important before engaging in any Swinging play-date, nothing is worse then suddenly finding yourself faced with handcuffs and hot wax if you aren\’t expecting them – so make sure you set the boundaries together. Full Swap. This is the easiest one to understand and most couples we know at SwingSocial.co fit this category. Both couples swaps partners and this also includes penetrative sexual exploration. Other activities like BDSM and anal play would have already been discussed and agreed upon before playing ( because consent is sexy! ). Soft Swap. This is the hardest one to define as many couples have their own understandings of what they define as \”soft\”. However, the most common themes we have come across at Swing Social is that swapping partners and everything is okay – EXCEPT – penetration and that includes oral sex with swap partners ( but this does vary person to person, couple to couple ). Some couples do not do oral sex with swap partners, but still identify with soft swap play. So, best to ask the couple you are intending on playing with first to avoid any surprises. Touch Only. Put simply, this is where the swapping couples are kissing only or touching only with no oral or genital penetration. Some swingers also class this as soft swap play. So, best to ask the couple you are intending on playing with first to avoid any surprises. Exhibition/Voyeurism. This is where it does get a little more exciting and the place where lots of swingers start their journey in the lifestyle. This is where they do not swap partners at all and just make out and have sex with their own partner; while enjoying the show of another couple who has consented to you watching them play with each other. Often, this leads to Soft Play or Touch Only play but not all the time. Even if you do identify yourself with one of the styles right now, swinging is fluid, so you might not play the same way with every couple or on every occasion, even with the same couple. Everyone has their own preference and boundaries , and those might change with time, and as you gain experience you may feel you want to try more things and push your boundaries more. Play Date Types Now, let\’s talk about Play-Dates in the Swinging Culture. There are many but below are the most often ones we encourage at SwingSocial and our members tend to explore together at our play parties and events. MFM. Two Males (M) and a Female (F) where the lucky lady has an extra man to play with as well as her partner, or possibly two men that are not her partner. As as the F is in the center of the acronym, the female is the primary attention in this kind of play and both men play on an equal level with her to explore their sexual desires together. Cuckolding. This is another two men (M) and a female (F) but the extra man, known as the bull, is invited to play with the female and he takes on a dominant role while playing with her. This is often in a role playing scenario and the female\’s partner is made to watch. FMF. Two Females (F) and a Man (M). In this scenario the man is lucky as he has two ladies to play with. Sometimes though, if both the women are bi he might have to his fair share of watching the two ladies play together, but who does not love a little girl-on-girl action? Girl Only Play. Only the girls play together and although there may be two or more couples present; this includes the males who are just watching. Parties. Our favorite style of play and at SwingSocial.co we plan many parties for our VIP members. Parties are where more than 4 people or a mix of couples, single females and males are enjoying sexual exploration together. There may also be a mix of full swap, soft swap and voyeurs present which makes for an exciting and very diverse experience for everyone. Gangbang. Whoever gets lucky here they need to be ready to lay back and relax and let the attention of multiple men and women be on them as they enjoy pleasuring them, usually in the presence of their partner or other voyeurs who may or may not participate. Couple-2-Couple. This is simply where two couples get together for a play-date, with all the people intending to participate in the playing. 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