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Body Image and Swinging Lifestyle

Even in the swinging community and lifestyle, there are external influences (as well as internal) that can affect men and women comfort level with their body image and the swinging lifestyle. At we want to help our members and the community be more body positive and comfortable with their body image.

Feeling Positive about your Body Image

One of the perks of becoming a member of and attending our events. Here are a few of the aspects that will have a positive impact on you:

  • Positive reactions:  This is where you will experience people not just your spouse/partner, will make you feel, or even tell you that you are desirable and beautiful in their eyes.
  • Meeting other swingers:  At our play parties and events you will have the opportunity to meet couples that are different cultures, backgrounds and with different interests. Swingers come in all shapes and sizes, so stop worrying about how you measure up, relax and enjoy yourself.
  • Positive profile feedback:  When you put your photos onto your profile and they get liked or commented on it can’t help but boost your moral and give you a positive feeling about yourself and you will be sure to attract more sex positive couples just like yourself as you continue to update your profile with information and photographs.

What Will Cause A Negative Body Image.

Here are a few of the aspects that we have a negative impact on you:

  • Media:  Obvious one, married couple both partners happy to swing together.
  • Profile text: We have found that some couples state on their profile that they only want to play with people that look after themselves.
    I have even read one profile stating the reason for this as because they ‘feel we look after ourselves so why would we play with couples who don’t’. Put as bluntly as that these people are going to lose on meeting a lot of lovely couples who do look after themselves but don’t want to take the chance on rejection.

As the Wikipedia definition says body image can be forced onto people by outside influences such as media, however overall, swinging should have a positive affect on a your self-confidence and outlook on sex positivity.

The constant positive reinforcement from comments on profile pics and from play mates will definitely give confidence a boost for men and women. At SwingSocial we know that being desired is a great confidence builder.

Also in the Swinging Lifestyle it is important to keep in mind that personality is much more important than looks, you can have a 10 out of 10 body, but if you come off as arrogant and/or boring you won’t get to play with many couples.

It is very rare that both parties of one couple find both parties of the other couple physically irresistible, that is just human nature and normal. If you are a little overweight and worried, get comfortable with yourself, and know that you bring your own unique bit of magic into the bedroom.

So that is our take on Body Positivity, Body Image and how they come into play in the Swinging Lifestyle.

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