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How Does Swinging Lifestyle Benefit Your Sexless Marriage?

How Does Swinging Lifestyle Benefit Your Sexless Marriage?


A couple may get involved in a sexless marriage or a sexless relationship with a significant other for various reasons. Sexual involvement may decline due to boredom in the bedroom, sexual dysfunction, or a detachment in the relationship itself.

However, an increasing number of psychological specialists and sex therapists are assisting couples in opening up to the possibility of embracing an alternative lifestyle, such as the swinger lifestyle, to help them improve their relationship—in and out of the bedroom.

Swinging is essentially a type of consensual non-monogamy relationship that may bring couples closer together by developing trust, instilling excitement, and seeing the other partner pleased in times of sexual unhappiness. Those who have found themselves in close or sexless relationships should keep reading to see how the lifestyle might help rekindle those smoldering feelings.

Excitement Is Generated Through Voyeurism

The act of seeing each other or others participate in sex or erotic behaviors is known as voyeurism. Voyeurism is a gentle approach to partake in an alternate lifestyle that may help rekindle desire between lovers without requiring personal contact with strangers.

Acts of self-pleasure might include:

  1. Stripteases.
  2. Observing gorgeous individuals on the beach.
  3. Going to a voyeur club.
  4. Watching porn together.

Observing each other without the pressure of having sex can be more thrilling than sex itself, especially for individuals out of practice or who have lost interest.

The Exhilaration of Exhibitionism

Sexless relationships frequently require a dose of novelty. Couples who do something brave and adventurous that is well outside their norm—and perhaps even their comfort zone—can experience a rush of endorphins, contributing to sexual desire. Exhibitionism puts sexless couples or sexless marriages in the limelight for other voyeurs.

The goal of exhibitionism is to enable people to witness your private moments, whether sexual or otherwise. Walking nude on the beach, hitting the stage at a swingers club, or organizing a trip to a nudist colony are examples of this. The sheer pleasure of being ‘seen’ may restore vitality and desire in the bedroom after you get home. Don’t forget that you may be exhibitionists for each other in private as well!

To Turn On The Heat, Use Soft Swaps And Full Swaps

Want to go all-in on something a little more extreme than seeing or being seen to heat things in the sack? Those new to the swing life to rediscover their rhythm usually begin with a light exchange that includes simply stroking, kissing, and caressing but no intercourse. If one partner is more hesitant to have sex than the other, the obvious participant will most likely begin with the ‘ready to go’ partner with a soft exchange.

Are you willing to go all the way, or will you let a partner who needs sex fulfillment receive it? A complete exchange entails penetrative sex with a consenting individual outside of the relationship. Sometimes simply seeing a lover with another person is enough to make a partner realize how fortunate they are. Sometimes they get so turned on that they can’t help but desire to make love more frequently.

Threesomes and polyamory are viable possibilities for couples looking for a part-time or full-time replacement for their sexless marriage, but each scenario is unique.

All of these are great swinger lifestyle activities to try out amid a lifestyle that doesn’t have to entail full-time swinging or sex at all, so you have nothing to lose and everything to gain by thinking outside the box!

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