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Where Should You Host Your Swinging Party Session?

Where Should You Host Your Swinging Party Session?

A young couple in the swinging lifestyle recently emailed us regarding their first threesome Male, Female, Male (MFM) encounter. They were curious about where they should have their swinger’s play session. “Ours, His, or Hotel?” they inquired.
While this question may seem straightforward to long-term swinging lifestyle couples or individuals, it reminded us of our early steps into the lifestyle and how some practical preparations made us wonder.
Is it truly such an easy question? There are numerous features and reasons to choose the ‘whereas part of the lifestyle sexy enjoyment. It is not only about safety, distance, or who has the fanciest property.
Here are a few things to think about before asking, “Who is hosting?!”

At A Club

 It is an amplified sexual atmosphere; there are beds, you don’t have to clean anything, and you have the choice to walk away or call it a night without the discomfort of pushing someone out of your house. If you have a club near your residence, this is not a terrible alternative.

At Your Place / Their Place

While this is frequently the simplest site to host, it is not without drawbacks. If you have children, live in a remote region, don’t have a spare room to play in, or don’t want to spend all day cleaning and putting away family portraits that line the walls, your property is unlikely to be at the top of the list. Consider the privacy implications of disclosing your address with your house or surreptitiously videotaped in theirs.

At A Hotel

There are so many advantages to this adult swing lifestyle approach that we wanted to take the time to summarize them, in case they weren’t immediately evident to you. You may establish privacy here by meeting them in the lobby and going immediately to the room; you don’t need to give any data such as your check-in name, etc. Arrive at the hotel early and build a sensual space, using the five senses to create a seductive sensual atmosphere. Bring lights, diffusers, drinks, toys, and everything else you need to make your fun area.
We usually recommend putting on some music, grabbing a drink of wine, and setting up your dirty play den to sex it up! While you’re in the hotel, we strongly advise you to take some photographs, get some seductive lingerie, and make the most of your hotel stay. You may use these photographs to spice up your dating profile, email potential partners, or send them to bulls.
If you have the opportunity to spend a night away from home, we propose treating it as a small escape:

  1. Stay the night.
  2. Sleep late.
  3. Put on your robes.
  4. Go for a pool after a nice breakfast.

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