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Swingers Life

You know what they say about people in glass houses, right? It\’s easy to throw stones but hard to live in the shadows. In this seemingly innocent age of swingers life, it\’s imperative not to exclude anyone from your moral standards.

If you participate in the swinging lifestyle, you know many stigmas are attached. Society\’s idea of swinging is an image of long parted couples, sexy divas, and trophy wives. To summarize, there\’s a lot of baggage associated with it.

If you are a non-swinger, you may feel that the idea of swinging threatens societal norms. But, swinging is a lifestyle choice you decide to make with a partner if you are both open to a new adventure.

A swingers life maybe be complex, which is why swinging requires trust and communication. You can\’t go through the early days of swinging without building trust and respecting one another\’s boundaries. If you do this, your partner will feel safe and secure to express themselves in whatever way they want. Transparency is key when it comes to swinging.

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If your relationship is already secure, you don\’t need to worry about it falling apart over swinging. You can express all those feelings of need, desire, and fantasy. Your partner will be able to express themselves the same way. You\’ll have a new outlet for your desires. If you\’re already a swinger, know that other people are trying to live their life as they see fit without hurting anyone else. They want the same things as you – love, acceptance, and fun. Meeting new people and learning new things don\’t go against what you believe in. It enhances it.

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If you\’re a closet swinger, take the first step today. Admit that you have fantasies beyond what you experience with your spouse and start expressing them to your partner. Only then can both explore each other\’s boundaries and build on each other\’s trust until both of you feel safe enough to try swinging or another alternative lifestyle.

The decision to swing cannot be made lightly. It\’s a matter of finding the right balance between your partner and yourself and sharing your life with someone that respects these boundaries without creating conflict and problems within your relationship.


Both partners need to understand and be comfortable with the concept of swinging before they can act on it. In a vulnerable situation where trust is vital, both partners should be open and honest – no matter how uncomfortable it might make the other feel. Various events in the swinging community could be an excellent baby step to the lifestyle. Learn more with Swing Social!



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